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Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables support high bandwidth signal transmission when compared with twisted pair. These cables are easy to wire and expand easily because of its flexibility. Coming with better shielding materials, they allow high transfer rates and sufficient frequency range to support multiple channels.
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At the forefront of signal transmission technology, coaxial cables are well-known for their effectiveness and adaptability in a wide range of broadcasting and communication applications. These cables are carefully designed to provide high-performance signal integrity. They consist of an exterior insulating layer, a metallic shield, an insulating substance, and a center conductor.

The core conductor acts as the electrical signals’ path and is usually composed of copper or aluminum. It is surrounded by an insulating layer that stops signal leakage and interference. The metallic shield, which is frequently made of materials that are braided or foil-wrapped, serves as a defense against outside electromagnetic interference and aids in preserving the overall signal quality of the cable. Extra defense and insulation are offered by an exterior insulating layer.

Coaxial cables are widely used for data transmission, internet connectivity, and television signal transmission. They are perfect for applications where signal quality is crucial because of their special architecture, which enables them to transmit high-frequency signals across great distances without experiencing appreciable signal loss.

Coaxial cables provide a number of noteworthy benefits, including their longevity and immunity to interference. In addition to shielding the internal signals, the shielding design keeps outside signals from interfering with the operation. Coaxial cables are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications due to their sturdy design.

Coaxial cables continue to be essential components of contemporary communication systems even as technology advances. These cables continue to be a dependable option for sending crisp, high-quality signals for everything from cable television to fast internet connections. Coaxial cables’ versatility and durability highlight their continuing significance in the ever-changing field of communication technologies.

When purchasing coaxial cables, keep the following parameters in mind, including:

The diameter of the inner conductor(mm.) Diameter over dielectric(mm.) Nominal overall diameter(mm.) DCR at 20°C (Nominal) (Ohm/km) Nominal capacitance (pF/M) Nominal impedance(ohm)

At FOLIFLEX CABLE INDIA PVT LTD, we are committed to bringing forth a perfect option for the transmitting line, which is widely required by diverse industries. We fully test all cables & wires on all parameters with a view to making it the preferred choice for a variety of use in CCTV networks by private and public operators. Besides, we manufacture cables according to national and international standards or customer specifications.

About Coaxial Cables


Coaxial cables are like copper cables. They are majorly used by cable television companies between user homes, businesses, and the community antenna. Telephone companies also use coaxial cables from their regional office. These cables are also installed in commercial Ethernet and other local area networking. They can transmit any information over a long distance. Moreover, cables are used when it comes to the radio transmission lines for frequency signals to connect the radio transmitters and receivers with their antennas, internet connections, and connecting cable signals.

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