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FR-LSH Wire & Cable

Flame Retardant Low Smoke & Halogen

The FOLIFLEX FR- LSH cables are made from specially formulated PVC polymers that restrict the toxic gases and smoke and are therefore safe, reliable, fire resistant, lead resistant lead free and a non-toxic alternative. FOLIFLEX FR-LSH flexible cable have self-extinguishing property which do not allow the fire to spread. Get best price of FOLIFLEX Life Guard Flame Retardant Low Smoke Insulated Wire.


In the field of electrical wiring, Flame Retardant Low Smoke & Halogen (FR-LSH) wires and cables mark a substantial improvement in safety and environmental concern. These cables are engineered with great care to meet fire safety regulations. In the case of a fire, they are intended to prevent the spread of flames, discharge little smoke, and release little amounts of halogen gasses.

In settings including commercial buildings, residential areas, and industrial installations—where fire safety is crucial—FR-LSH cables are indispensable due to their flame-retardant characteristics. These cables’ sheathing and insulation are designed to withstand combustion and drastically lower the chance of a fire spreading, improving general safety.

The low smoke emission of FR-LSH cables during a fire incident is one of its distinguishing characteristics. This is especially important in small areas where poisonous smoke can seriously endanger human life and impede rescue attempts. In addition to increasing visibility and lowering the chance of hazardous material inhalation, the decreased smoke density makes the atmosphere safer for residents.

FR-LSH cables also have a low halogen concentration, which helps to solve environmental issues. Halogen gas releases during a fire are reduced, reducing the risk of injury to nearby residents and the ecosystem. This eco-friendly design complements international initiatives to provide safe and sustainable building infrastructure.

Flame Retardant Low Smoke & Halogen wires and cables emerge as a critical choice for responsible and forward-thinking electrical installations, ensuring that fire safety and environmental considerations are integral components of modern wiring systems. This is because industries and regulatory standards are evolving to prioritize safety and environmental impact.