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Telephone Cables

Telephone cables manufactured by Foliflex cables india pvt. ltd. are made up of one or more twisted pairs of copper wires which are covered in a shielding material such as PVC in order to protect the wires from dampness and damage. The diameter of our cables ranges from 0.3 mm to 0.9 mm. These cables are twisted into two or four pairs. Let us tell you that the quality of telephone cable delivered by us is a part of the efficiency of the signal.

Telephone cables manufactured by prime gold are used in telephone lines, in between the house and local exchange, for local area networks by Foliflex India.



For many years, telephone cables have served as the foundation of the global communication network, linking individuals all over the world. The precise and technologically advanced design of these cables is essential to the dependable and efficient transmission of voice signals across long distances in telecommunications.

Multiple insulated copper or fiber optic conductors encased in a protective sheath make up telephone wires in most cases. While fiber optic cables, which offer greater bandwidth and quicker data transfer rates, are becoming more and more common for digital communication, copper cables have long been the preferred option for sending analog speech communications.

Electrical separation is provided by the insulation around the conductors, reducing interference and guaranteeing clear transmission. The cables’ lifetime and durability are increased by the outer sheath’s protection against environmental elements including moisture, chemicals, and physical strain.

Telephone lines are being used for more than just speech transmissions; they can also be used for other data applications and broadband internet services. Because of their adaptability, they have become essential parts of the development of contemporary telecommunications networks.

Different types of telephone cables are available to meet different needs. High-capacity fiber optic cables are ideal for data-intensive communication, whereas twisted pair cables are used for voice transmission. Because of their versatility and agility, they are crucial for establishing seamless communication between residences, places of business, and entire communities.

Telephone cables are changing as a result of technological advancements to satisfy the growing need for quicker and more dependable communication. In the ever-expanding world of global connectivity, telephone lines are still essential for voice communications as well as high-speed internet access.