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Foliflex Cables is a House wiring renowned name in the industry. Over the years, we have harnessed various techniques and technologies to manufacture the best quality house wire. Our range of house wire is designed to suit the domestic power supply without undergoing corrosion or burning.

Best cable for house wiring, Housing Wire provides Good quality wiring is essential to ensure seamless power distribution with minimum power loss. Foliflex Cables brings you a wide assortment of house wire that match the variegated requirements. Our wires and cables are tested at every step of manufacturing process. They pass through stringent quality checks under the astute supervision of experienced, for more visit us Foliflexcables.


As the lifelines that power our homes and connect a variety of gadgets, house wire cables are crucial parts of any electrical system. These cables are essential to the smooth operation of domestic electrical systems since they are made to transfer power in a safe and effective manner.

House wire cables are typically composed of copper or aluminum conductors and are available in a range of sizes and varieties to meet varying voltage and current needs. The building’s structural integrity and occupant safety are ensured by the insulation that envelops the conductors, providing protection against electrical leakage and reducing the likelihood of short circuits.

Current home wire cables prioritize dependability, safety, and durability while adhering to strict industry standards and laws. Frequently, fire-resistant and flame-retardant materials are integrated into their design to augment their safety attributes, furnishing an additional defense against fire occurrences.

When installing house wire cables, it’s important to take local construction requirements, load capacity, and environmental considerations into account. In addition to ensuring peak performance, proper installation lowers the possibility of electrical risks. To find and fix any possible problems early on, routine maintenance and inspections are also essential.

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