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Flexible Cables

Flexible Copper Cable are used in low voltage signals, electrical motors, electrical appliances, control panels, DC power transformers, electrical boards, battery cables, etc.

These Flexible cables are highly flexible in construction & designed with high Di-electric strength. KCI Single & Multicore Flexible Cable are having a high degree of thermal stability, Oxygen & temperature index. These cables retard its spread in the unlikely event of fire felicitating rescue operation.


In the field of electrical wiring, flexible copper cables are recognized for their dependability and adaptability. These cables are made of premium copper conductors and are expertly designed to offer flexibility and endurance, making them invaluable in a wide range of applications across industries.

Flexible copper cables’ main benefit is their pliability, which makes installation simple in situations where rigid cables might not be feasible. These cables’ flexibility makes it easier to route them through intricate constructions, confined areas, and devices like robots and machinery that need to move around a lot. This flexibility lowers installation costs and times while increasing the overall efficiency of electrical systems.

Because of its exceptional electrical conductivity, copper ensures that power and messages are transmitted as efficiently as possible. In order to maintain the strong conductivity that copper is known for while adding even more flexibility, the conductors in flexible copper cables are usually stranded. The cables’ ability to tolerate bending and flexing without sacrificing electrical performance is made possible by this design decision.

These cables are widely used in sectors where dependable and adaptable electrical connections are essential, like manufacturing, automation, and telecommunications. Flexible copper cables are essential for smooth power distribution and communication, from power supplies to control circuits.

In addition, the jacketing and insulation layers that envelop the copper conductors shield them from chemicals, abrasion, and the elements, guaranteeing the cables’ durability and dependability under a range of operational circumstances. Flexible copper cables are fundamentally the perfect combination of conductivity, flexibility, and durability, which makes them a vital part of the power supply for today’s dynamic, networked systems.


These wires are manufactured from bright-annealed 99.97% pure bare copper conductors and hence, offer low conductor resistance. The sheathing is provided with a specially formulated PVC compound to facilitate not only ease in stripping but also to withstand all kinds of mechanical abrasion while in use. PVC compounds used for insulation and sheathing have a high oxygen and temperature index & these properties help in restricting the spread of fire with other sources India.