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Round Sheathed Cables

We are identified as one of the most accomplished firm of this industry, involved in providing a diverse series of round sheathed cables.

Round encased cables provide a lightweight and adaptable option for a range of electrical uses. These cables are flexible and simple to install because of their circular outer insulation. They guarantee effective power transfer while upholding a tidy and orderly wire configuration, making them perfect for both industrial and domestic application.


Round Sheathed Cables are a mainstay in a variety of electrical installations because they seamlessly combine functionality and adaptability. These cables, which have a circular outer sheath, are made to be as flexible as possible while transmitting electricity effectively. Their adaptability makes them appropriate for a wide range of applications, including industrial and residential wiring.

The cable’s circular sheath makes installation easier by making it simple to pass through a variety of openings and conduits. This feature helps to keep the efficiency and safety of electrical systems by simplifying the installation process and promoting a clean, well-organized wiring layout.

Round Sheathed Cables are made from premium materials and provide strong insulation against wear, abrasion, and weather conditions. This longevity is especially useful in harsh environments when cables are exposed to difficult circumstances. To meet a range of voltage and current needs, the cables come in a variety of sizes and specifications.

These cables link outlets, switches, and appliances and act as the main support system for electricity distribution in homes. They aid in the efficient running of lighting systems, machinery, and other vital parts in industrial applications. They are a dependable option in industries including manufacturing, infrastructure development, and construction because of their dependability.

Round Sheathed Cables are evolving together with technology to satisfy the needs of contemporary electrical systems. Because of their versatility, robustness, and efficiency, they may be employed for both simple and complex power transmission applications. This makes them an essential part of the complex wiring network that drives our globalized society.


  • Low maintenance
  • Top quality
  • Easy to use
  • Water resistant
  • Affordable prices
  • Coil