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Insulation Tapes

The PVC Insulation tapes are made from Poly Vinyl Chloride Film. The tape is coated with adhesives that are immune to wetness, oils, or alkalis. It’s available in different colors and sizes. Tapes have high dielectric strength, are made of fire resistance chemicals and rubber-based adhesives, and long-lasting flexibility. Printed tapes can be used for personal specific requirements and wire and cables.


Electrical tape with PVC insulation is essential to electrical systems because it secures and insulates wires and cables. The tape is composed of a strong, premium material that is impervious to moisture, abrasion, and temperature changes. This article examines the qualities and advantages of electrical tape boxes with PVC insulation, covering their uses, varieties, and how to pick the best one for your requirements.

Electrical tape may be stored and dispensed effectively and economically with PVC insulation electrical tape boxes. Usually constructed of durable plastic, the boxes are available in multiple sizes to suit varying tape widths and lengths. For easy access, they can be stored in a toolbox or posted on a wall.

Electrical tape with PVC insulation can be used for a variety of electrical tasks, such as bundling, splicing, and insulation of cables and wiring. In addition to offering a durable, firm connection, the tape guards against abrasion, moisture, and chemical damage.

Electrical tape made of PVC insulation comes in a variety of forms, each with special qualities and advantages. Certain tapes, for instance, are better suited for low-temperature settings, while others are made for high-temperature applications. For best results and longevity, be sure the type of tape you use is appropriate for your particular application.


18 Millimeter

0.125 Millimeter

8 Meter & 18 Meter

FR Grade

Self Extinguishing