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Foliflex Housing Cables

FOLIFLEX CABLES INDIA Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading house wiring cable manufacturers in India. We manufacture and supply high-quality house wiring cables that can be used for various purposes of electrical needs. Our wiring cables are ideal for commercial and residential buildings.

With extensive experience in the business, at FOLIFLEX CABLES INDIA PVT LTD we have carved a niche in innovative design, features and manufacturing wiring cables. We make sure of complete dedication to use quality materials and incorporate the best manufacturing process.


Benefits of our Wiring – Foliflex Housing Cables


Some of the key benefits and features of our house wiring cables are the following.

Heat resist – The electric cables we designed come with super connectivity features. They have supreme heat resistance capacity. They can bear much heavier loads of electricity. Coming equipped with the feature of high resistance power and heat quality, the house wiring cables can be an ideal option for successfully resolving overloading issues.

Elasticity and malleability – As the fastest-growing house wiring cable manufacturers, we make sure products are super elastic and malleable. Due to their elasticity and malleability, they can be easily twisted or bent as needed. There is a very low risk of wire breaking and damage.

Safe to use – The house wiring cables designed by us can ensure high temperatures. So they are safe to use and can’t melt easily.

Durability – Our house wiring cables are durable. They have the power to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.

Manufacturing Process

We focus on attention to detail and so have built an excellent wire manufacturing process. In our state-of-the-art unit, experienced engineers support the manufacturing process of cable wires. They monitor the manufacturing process and test cables at every step of manufacturing Foliflex Housing Cables.