Best Electrical Cable Manufacturers in India: FoliFlexCables

The power distribution sector has reached new heights of advancements, and due to this, many electrical cable manufacturers in India have entered the electrical manufacturing market, giving each other tough competition. Yet only a few of them have been able to make a big name for themselves in the market, such as Foliflex Wires and Cables Pvt Ltd.

Amongst other wires and cables manufacturers in Delhi, one such company that has risen to the forefront as the most trusted and reliable brand amongst Indian customers is Foliflex Wires and Cables Pvt Ltd. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a wide array of expertise, the company has been serving India since the last 50 years with products of high quality in the division of wire and cables. 

To delve deeper, Foliflex has its manufacturers and produces a diverse set of house wire insulated cable, Submersible cable, aluminium cable, multicore cable, industrial wire, and flexible twisted cables. The company is located in the Jhilmil Industrial Area of New Delhi, and it strictly adheres to international and Indian standards of production. In addition to this, they even own a well-equipped Research and Development unit having an internal accredited lab. 

A Sneak Peek Into the Products of the Best Electrical Wire Manufacturer in India – Foliflexcables

1. Housing Wires

At the top of the list, this category of products has granted Foliflex huge recognition as a leading electrical wire manufacturer in India. The company is renowned for producing house-wiring solutions curated with various methods and mechanisms. These housing wires provide effective power distribution to domestic households with minimum chances for power cuts or losses. They ensure the safe flow of electricity and provide excellent electrical conductivity. Before passing further, they are checked under the expertise of skilled professionals, who are present at every stage of the manufacturing process.

 2. TCBC Speaker Wires

These wires enhance the buildup between loudspeakers and audio amplifiers. Foliflex is a master in the art of being a manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of manufacturers, as well as a supplier of TCBC Speaker Wires. The speaker wires promote a better audio experience for content such as music and movies, further guaranteeing that there is clarity and accuracy in audio signals and that they are without any interference. TCBC Speaker wires restore the actual audio quality. They are made up of oxygen-free copper and PVC components with excellent electrical conductivity. 

3. FR-LSH Wires and Cables

The FR-LSH wires and cables serve main purposes in areas such as commercial buildings, industrial, and residential areas where fire safety remains a big safety concern. These cables have flame-retardant properties, and their sheathing and insulation allow them to lower the chances of fire spreading, thus promoting protection. Foliflex, which is deemed a trailblazer among electrical wire manufacturers in India, produces FR-LSH wires made of PVC polymers, which are safe and reliable as they cut down toxic gases and fumes. Visit Foliflex Wires and Cables’ website now to ensure safety and protection against fire in your homes and offices.

4. Electrical Housing Wires

Electrical Housing Wires form the basis of connections that join switches, power outlets, and electrical instruments in domestic households. These connections facilitate the smooth and free flow of electricity without causing any damage and possess high strength. As a top electrical wire manufacturer in India, Foliflex ensures that it delivers the best quality of electrical housing wires to its clients. For this, it constructs housing wires using the latest techniques and technologies under the supervision of skilled professionals. The plus point is that all of this is done at optimum prices, suiting customer budgets and preferences.

5. Multi Strand Cables

Multi Multi-strand cables are made to ensure smooth conductivity and maximum safety. They are produced using PVC insulation so that the cables do not spread fire. Adding further, high insulation resistance and volume resistivity make sure that there is no current leakage. Foliflex’s multi-strand cables are durable and resistant to oil. They come in multi-strand designs, facilitating easy installation.

6. Telephone Cables

Good Telephone cables provide better sound transmission over telephone lines, which establish the foundation for communication worldwide. The better the telephone cable, the more effective the communication. As an electrical cable manufacturer in India, Foliflex’s telephone cables consist of one or more twisted pairs of wires made of copper covered in PVC. This outer PVC coating protects the wires from any possible damage or dampness. The diameter of these cables ranges between 0.3 mm and 0.9 mm and is proof of Foliflex’s signal efficiency.

7. Coaxial Cables

In comparison to twisted pairs, coaxial cables offer a relatively higher bandwidth signal transmission. Due to their flexible nature, these cables become easy to wire and expand. Electrical cable manufacturer Foliflex emerges as a prominent and trusted brand when it comes to discussing coaxial cable manufacturers, cable wholesalers, cable suppliers, and cable exporters. Their manufactured cables obey quality standards imposed by the industry. This is what makes the brand a preferable choice for its customers.

8. Submersible Flat Cables

Submersible Flat Cables are used for underwater purposes. They are a much sought-after choice for submersible pumps in deep wells for drinking water supply, irrigation, industries, etc. And with that, Foliflex becomes a go-to brand option for anyone looking for quality cables, and that too at assured prices. The company manufactures cables that are resistant to water, moisture, and grease and provide a longer and better flex life.

9. Industrial Cables

Foliflex produces the best electrical cables in India, especially Industrial cables. These cables are widely used in various industries. Providing safety, they come in different shapes and sizes. They are best known for the premium quality of materials used and their outstanding performance. They are made up of pure bright electrolytic copper and fire-retardant PVC compound. The cables, while in the manufacturing process, are checked rigorously to assess the current leakage and the centricity of the copper conductor.

10. Round Sheathed Cables

Foliflex takes pride in being one of the most revered electrical cable manufacturers in India, particularly in manufacturing a wide range of round-sheathed cables. These types of cables promote easy adaptability and functionality and are leveraged in a variety of electrical applications and usages. The upper circular sheath on top of the cables is made to be of utmost flexibility, which further helps with the free flow of electricity.


The power and infrastructure landscape keeps revamping itself, thus giving electrical manufacturers in India opportunities to flourish. Thriving in the electrical market for 50 years, Foliflex has proved to be a trusted brand offering reliable solutions in matters related to providing high-quality wires and cables to different industries and households. 

The company’s core values of strict quality controls and customer satisfaction have placed it at the forefront of the wires and cables manufacturing industry. With its wide array of offerings, it assures safety to its customers, in return earning itself a good and positive reputation. In the ever-evolving realm of electricity distribution and development, Foliflex continues to lead the way for wires and cable manufacturers in Delhi and India, subsequently contributing to the nation’s growth and prosperity.